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Political Activism and Student Loans

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by imamom, May 6, 2007.

  1. imamom

    2+ Year Member

    Dec 22, 2006
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    I'm going to try one more time to awaken all of you to become more politically active in attempting to get our government to invest more in your futures.

    Please read the following link and ask yourself if you can afford to have the Bush forces in this country continue to sell you out, as a student and a taxpayer.

    Then send an e-mail to your Senators and Representatives which can be found in the next link. Here is a sample e-mail to send if you don't have time to write one yourself.

    Then forward this information to every student and concerned parent and ask them to e-mail their Congressional representatives as well!




    Dear [Senator] [Representative] __________________:

    As a current medical (law, dental, graduate, etc.) student, I strongly urge you to enact legislation that will reduce the current onerous percentage rate of borrowing for student loans.

    Furthermore, the government should return to a direct lending system rather than private-lender programs which are more costly to the taxpayer and the student borrower.

    Burdensome student loan repayments mean money we will not have to invest in the country’s economic expansion in future years. Failure to help the best and brightest of our nation achieve their educational goals will only cause our country to fall further behind the rest of the world in all areas that matter. Forcing the expense of graduate (and undergraduate, for that matter) borrowing to continually rise only ensures further increases in health care and salary/wage costs.

    As a voter (with extended family members concerned about my education who also vote), I will be eagerly watching your position and pro-activism (or lack thereof) in this area.


    Jane (John) Doe
    U of X
    Class of 20__
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