poor freshman gpa (2.49), should i give up my goal of going to medical


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May 14, 2012
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    so i go to a large university and i just finished my freshman year. i am a biology major and i took the pre requs of gen chem, gen bio, and calc. i received a C in 2 semesters of biology and a C in 1 semester of chemistry (the other semester, im taking this summer) and i got a F in my first semester in calc and a C- in my second semester of calculus. im so devasted over my grades and im starting to second guess my chances of going to medical school. next year, im taking organic chem, statistics, and another calc class to make up for the F that i made first semester..

    should i give up in my hope for getting into medical school? is there anything else I should do for the next 3 years to help me recover from this horrible start?

    if anyone was wondering why i did so bad in calc, my college only offers calc online, and i basically had to teach it to myself considering the fact that i didnt even take it in high school. so yeah im defintley not taking another math class at my college again, ill most likely take it at another university over the summer, which is what im doing for chem



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      You don't need to give up, but you need to learn what you're doing wrong and what you need to do to succeed. Are you partying too much? Are you not going to office hours? Have you tried tutoring? The only way you should consider another career is if you genuinely know you gave it 100% and don't feel you can improve. Until then, fight tooth and nail to get to where you want to be. You won't be the first or the last student to have a bad freshman year.


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        Try taking an integrated BS/MS program to have an extra 5th year to boost your GPA. You'd need >3.8 GPA average to have a 3.5 GPA by the end of your 5th year (2.49 + 3.8x4) / 5.

        Otherwise, apply DO for grade replacement.

        You could also apply with >3.0 GPA to special master's programs with linkages after you graduate, although personally I'd do integrated BS/MS programs for the research and pub opportunities.

        You could also just get an insanely high MCAT and apply anyway, nobody's stopping you ;p Make sure your extracurriculars make up for the GPA deficit, though.
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