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Nov 19, 2018
My stats:
School: University of North Dakota
Major: Kinesiology
Overall GPA: 3.8 Science GPA: 3.4-.6
Volunteering: I have about 80 shadowing hours. Combination of pediatric therapy, special olympics, basketball camps.. Hoping to get more soon
Shadowing: 80+ hours shadowing general dentistry, 16 hours of oral surgery, 8 hours of orthodontics
Employment/DentalExperience: No dental related employment but I have 2500+ hours of patience contact hours. I was an orderly in a hospital (patient transportation, performed EKG, helped nurses with patients, reaponded to BERTS and code blues) and am currently a patient care tech in a dermatology clinic. So I have lost of hours around patients in a clinical setting.
Research: 2000 hours at a USDA exercise physiology lab.
LOR: 2 science professors, research supervisor, and dentist
Oct 14, 2011
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  1. Academic Administration
In my mind, that's a ton of research and not enough volunteering. The issue is that for a dental school application, your general health care experience hours that don't involve dentistry isn't valued much in general (you'll have to do your homework to see if I am wrong with specific schools on your list). If anything some faculty will be rather offended that you spend so much more time not doing dentistry (for whatever reason). Maybe figure out which schools on your list would truly value that experience in the spirit of "interprofessionalism" and connect with students at the schools at the top of your list.
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