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Oct 15, 2014
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I've seen a lot of threads pop up about psychotherapy for psychiatrists. During my masters degree in psychology I was exposed to the fundamentals of psychotherapy and found many of them to be really interesting. I know that CBT is really popular as far as evidence based therapy, but I also know that things like REBT, MI, and Person-Centered are commonly used by psychologists.

What theory of therapy do you use in your practices?


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Mar 19, 2015
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Prolonged Exposure, Cognitive Processing Therapy, STAIR-NST (Marylene Cloitre's protocol) and generally a trauma-informed stance for anyone with dx PTSD.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (I currently co-lead a DBT skills-only group, see individual patients in full-model DBT and work as part of a DBT consultation team)

Relationally-focused psychodynamic group psychotherapy - transdiagnostic with regard to indication.
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Nov 9, 2010
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How much time do you expect to spend doing therapy? I find I can add a dose of supportive therapy along with my med management pretty often, but I'm pretty selective about who I actually try to do therapy with.

Best therapies for busy docs in my unscientific estimation:
Supportive psychotherapy
Behavioral Activation
Motivational Interviewing (note that this is a really nifty toolkit, so you can be doing MI the same time you are gathering information and making treatment recommendations)
Mindful CBT "lite" (I don't know what the real term for this is) -- this involves worksheets and practicing during sessions, then going home with homework. If the patient is not really following through or just doesn't get it, I refer to a therapist since I don't have the time and appointments to be working through heavy resistance.
I am very interested in learning ACT as well but haven't found a good training opportunity in my area.
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Oct 15, 2001
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Psychodynamic (oriented around self-psychology and control mastery theory), Gestalt, CBT, DBT, structural family therapy, brief and family strategic therapies, ericksonian, hypnotherapy (many sub-therapies falling under this), clean language, and of course straight behaviorism (which I lump under CBT really).


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Nov 17, 1999
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Mostly MI and CBT since those are the modalities I've found most effective and hence have become most comfortable with.
I might throw some supportive into a med-management visit but wouldn't use it as a standalone intervention. Behavioral activation I'd class as a technique within CBT.
I occasionally use hypnosis to augment the response to, e.g., visualization techniques for pain or anxiety, but again I wouldn't class this as a separate therapeutic modality.

I was trained in prolonged exposure, general psychodynamic, TLDP, and have had some somewhat-supervised experience with IPT, but I haven't found those to be as effective or as well tolerated in my hands. This may well be more about me and the way I prefer to operate than anything intrinsic to these modalities.
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