posating my stats, asking for advice (same message on osteo forum)


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Aug 7, 2002
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3.6 GPA at a large state university, 36 MCAT, 1 year working for a home health care company, obtaining phlebotomy certification, no research Worked 10 hrs a week during school, lots of community service. My roomate and I were caught by our RA with a bottle of tequila in the dorm (can't say I have a lot of love for the guy, now :rolleyes: ); it's on my record, but no criminal charges.

What are my chances? If I don't get in, what should I do? Does anybody have any suggestions?



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Dec 13, 2001
Boston, MA
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getting caught drinking tequila will not keep you out of medical school, you will be fine. make sure you are doing things you like and not just doing them to get into a medical school. Your MCAT is fantastic and GPA is perfectly fine! Relax. If you don't get in, do what you want to do and not want a bunch of anonymous pre-meds tell you to do;)


if you explain it i don't think anyone would care. the diff between you and all the docs on the adcoms is that they were never caught.;) you look solid.
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Jun 9, 2002
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How is the booze on your record w/o criminal charges? What record?

If you were never charged, then you were never convicted. According to our system you are innocent.

I don't see how they could use that against you. Plus an earlier poster is correct. There is probably 1 adcom member at every school that has done much worse and not been caught.
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