Jan 9, 2010
After finishing school ill most likely work with one of the large dental chains (aspen/stellar etc due to necessity and family) to begin. I like dentistry and currently plan to practice for quite a while. For future reference, if I spend some years at a dental chain, make some connections, and wish to pursue a JD/MBA ( either from a top flight school below the level of H/S/Wharton but above the level of WashU/Cornell or alternatively very cheap part time programs I can work towards on my own time while practicing) --- would this be viewed in a positive light in terms of going corporate? Possibly be seen as a home grown dentist who can attack issues from multiple angles? Perhaps push me up the ladder? I know these can be seen as irresponsible questions for multiple reasons, and I am not at all trying to be insulting at all. I mean, at this point i am a novice in every way. But I have scored very well on both these exams previously, and I'm just scoping out the opportunities this avenue could afford me. Also, Im posting here because I'm not entirely sure where else to start.


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Feb 25, 2011
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Go to dentaltown and search for your question there. If you need to, create a thread there in the appropriate category and you are likely to get much better feedback than here.