Post Bac work - Are committee letters better than other LORs?

Aug 16, 2015
There are two options near me for working through my pre-reqs. One is about 20 minutes away with a well known, well respected veterinary school. The other is the main campus of a university system that has the only allopathic medical school in the state. (The only other in state medical school is a new for-profit DO school, I'm still leery of for-profit education.) The multi-campus system is also the system from which I got my BA, and they offer a committee letter. But that school is 45 minutes from me, which adds a lot of commuting time, which drives up day care costs.

Any thoughts? Is a committee letter from the same university system worth the extra drive, extra costs, and extra day care?


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Jan 4, 2008
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No - when I was an admissions committee member as a medical student, I found committee letters no more useful than good individual letters and the strongest letters I remember reading were individual letters. One perceived downside of individual letters is that you need to make the effort to know your professors well to get a strong letter - but you should do this anyway as it will pay dividends in how much you enjoy your classes and how well you master the material. I would pick the best fit program for you regardless of the type of letter offered.
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