Aug 20, 2015
I am 24 years old now, I have got a master's degree in mechanical engineering from Oakland University in MI with a 3.8 GPA. and I have done my undergrad in mechanical engineering overseas (Accredited, American University) in Lebanon. I have taken General Chemistry I with Lab and one biology course. I wanna take the rest of pre-med courses.

1- My first option is: UofM Ann Arbor has a post-bacc pre-med program but it starts in May 2016 and ends in May 2017 (apply to Med School in summer 2017 and start by Fall 2018) and it is a very expensive program (30K /12-14 months). this program is in conjunction with the Med School, they prepare career changers for MCAT, Extracurricular activities and everything needed to be a competitive applicant .

2- The second option is to apply as a guest student and design my own program starting Winter 2016, and I will be done with all the courses by Summer 2 (2016) then I apply to Med school after taking the MCAT in Summer 2016 and Start Med School in Fall 2017.

3- The third option is to apply as a biology major (this way I might be eligible for a scholarship) take the courses and quit.

For options 2 and 3 :
Courses to be taken during winter 2016, Summer 1 and Summer 2:
Organic I and Organic II
Human Physiology
General Chemistry II

Fall 2016/Winter 2017 (I will take the labs after submitting my application to Med School during the Gap Year):

Labs : Biology and Chemistry

What do you recommend among the three options?

Does anyone know how to get a scholarship to cover PostBacc tuition fees?
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