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Jan 15, 2017
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Hello everyone,

A big thank you to anyone who responds to my questions, I really appreciate it! I am a senior graduating with a degree in Public Health hoping to go into PM&R (Physiatry). I'll be graduating with a 3.2 having finished almost all the premed reqs up to Organic Chemistry 1 (Missing Gen Chem 2, Orgo 2 and BioChem). I decided to take a break after dealing with a very difficult year of family issues that had a negative effect on my studies. As a result my academic record is rather inconsistent on a semester basis. Here is a list of the classes I have taken with their respective grades.

Bio 1: C+
Bio 2: B+
Gen Chem 1: B+
Orgo 1: C+
Physics 1: B+
Physics2: A+
Calc 1: A+

Cell Bio and Phys: B+
Microbiology: C+
Genetics: A-
A&Physiology 1: B-
A&Physiology 2: B+
Biostatistics: B

With these grades, I do not expect to be seriously considered to any medical school; however, I'm confident that I will be successful this time around. My question is what would seem like the best non traditional path to take in my situation?
Do I retake the classes I got a C+ in, as well as finish up the pre reqs that I have not finished yet , as a non credit seeking student? OR would it be best to apply to structured post bacc program in which I essentially retake all of the classes?
EC's: I have volunteering experience in the ER, with some shadowing. I'll be doing research starting this summer as well as EMT work for the next year or so.
I am also a latino, I was not relying this as a factor, but I am under the impression it somewhat helps (correct me if I am wrong).
I have not taken the MCAT yet as I would like to finish all the prerequisites before taking it, so it is premature to assume how I would do (although I'd like to think well).

If you have any other suggestions please feel free to share! (aside from not going to medical school at all, because I know there will be one). Also let me know if you need any more information.
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Jan 4, 2012
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If you get your GPA up with a year of post-bacc work and round out your application and do well on MCAT (500+), you will be a competitive applicant for most DO schools.

Don't retake classes at this point unless it's for satisfying coursework requirement. It helps to see that you're doing well on new classes first time.

Certain ethnicity will make you a favorable applicant, but my understanding is that you have to strongly identify with that ethnicity which then must be demonstrated through PS/II for it to work favorably for you. The ethnicity factor is there so that medical schools can address the under-served population.

The picture will be more clear when you take the MCAT.