Post Baccalaureate Physiology... UofMich vs. NCstate

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Jul 11, 2016
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Hey guys! I'm in need of a little advice.
I'm a nontraditional pre-med student going the post-bacc route, and I have been accepted to both Michigan and NCstates physiology programs. There are some major difference between the programs such that if I attend Michigan I will complete my masters in 9 months whereas NCstate takes about 1.75 years. I've found some discussions about both these programs but for those of you who have attended can you give me a few pros and cons of each?
Michigan seemed really promising because they are connected to the medical school, however, they say their program is not affiliated.. so that worries me a little bit. On the other hand I know a couple of people who have been accepted to at Michigan after completing their masters in physiology at NCstate. NCstate just recently made a few changes and they no longer have their pre-health advisory committee (this was a HUGE plus when I applied to the program). Just want to get a discussion going... I need to make a final decision this week. I've been going over everything in my head for the past month.