Post-grad job decision... need help! (Scribe or ORISE fellowship)


5+ Year Member
Dec 23, 2014
Hey guys so i graduated college with a 3.60 cum and 3,43 science; now I have some decisions to make, and I would love your help in making it. I have been offered two jobs, and I am torn between them because I have other obligations besides work as displayed below:

First job: CDC ORISE Fellowship (1 year, high pay, full time, will have decent amount of time to study for MCAT, NO time to take science classes to improve science GPA)

Second job: Medical Scribe (Flexible hours- part time or full time), will give me more time to study for MCAT, and WILL allow me to take some classes to improve my science GPA.

What choice do you guys recommend? Does my science GPA need to go up to 3.5?
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