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Post graduate studies in Melbourne, Australia ?


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Jan 22, 2001
    I have completed my MBBS graduation from India. I would like to enroll for Post graduation Medical studies in the University of Melbourne, Australia.
    (1) What are the requirements for the Post graduation admissions (Medicine) in the University of Melbourne for International students. I did check
    the university site but could not get the information on the exams to pass for completing the prerequisites. For e.g.. in US, an International student
    has to pass USMLE,OSCE,TOEFL etc. , similarly what are the requirements for Australia ?
    (2) Are there any other Medical college in Melbourne offering Post Graduate courses (Medicine) for International students ?


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      While I do not know any specifics for Melbourne and agree with Stephen's suggestion, I can give some generalisations:

      1) as a non-citizen, non-Australian graduate you will be last choice for residency/graduate training placement

      2) any placement you might receive may be predicated on an agreement that you leave the country after completion of your training. Thus, you would be wise to make sure that any training you receive in Australia will be accepted in your eventual country of practice (for example, surgical training in Australia is NOT accepted for the most part for Board Certification in the US).

      3) should you be willing to work/take a training placement in a more rural area (ie, Alice Springs) you may find more luck in securing a spot.

      4) each state differs with regard to its training and citizenship requirements. Thus, in addition to contacting a regional Australian embassy/consultate, you would be well advised to contact the Victorian (state in which Melbourne is located) Medical Registration Board as well as the Royal Australian College of Physicians. Most of these organizations have web-sites which can provide you with information.

      5) there is not a test required to gain an internship or pre-house officer registration spot in Australia. However, acceptance into advanced training or to work in the country full-time usually requires that you sit and pass an exam administered by the specific Royal Australian College. The difficulty in passing said exams varies enormously with regard to field and is said, colloquially, to be designed to keep others out.

      6) finally, bear in mind that if immigration is on your mind, this is difficult at best for physicians unless you are willing to take a rural placement. Australian immigration works on a point-system - the more points you have the less luck you will have in gaining entry. Physicians start out with 100 points right off the bat - there are simply too many of them in the large centres.

      I realize this doesn't directly answer your question, but hope that it helps somewhat.
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