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Oct 5, 2004
Hey there all,
So with this crazy day right around the corner, I was curious what y'all were going to do to celebrate...I also heard this rumor of an all NY/tri-state match party somewhere in NYC -- anyone know any more about this? Details? Personally, my school is hosting a post-match day party from 5-8 that evening with open bar, food and a jazz quartet (very small fee to attend), but after that I have a feeling that, for better or for worse, it's gonna be up and out all night..
Let's hear about the festivities!!!
(I know that there was a post similar to this a little earlier, but I don't think it was the same -- couldn't find it anyway...just slap me upside the head if this is a repeat..) :D

po' boy

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Jan 12, 2001
Portland, OR
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At Columbia, the night before the match is called Supernite. We gather in the first year lecture hall and show pre-filmed faculty roasts, live skits, and give superlative awards to our classmates (the "Golden Bedpan" awards). Meanwhile we get drunk, and then go downtown somewhere afterwards to stay drunk, culminating in the Match lunch and letter-opening at the Faculty Club the next day. Not sure which bar we'll go to yet, since i'm not in charge of organizing the festivities, but if there's a pre-match gathering at a particular one i'll suggest it to the folks in charge here.