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For those of you who know what school you'll be going to, post your school's clinical rotations/clerkships for years 3 & 4. Here's mine:


Year 3:

Medicine - 12 weeks
Surgery - 12 weeks
Pediatrics - 8 weeks
Reproductive Medicine (OB/GYN) - 6 weeks
Psychiatry - 6 weeks
Neurology - 4 weeks

Year 4:

Inpatient Direct Patient Care - 4 weeks
Outpatient Direct Patient Care - 4 weeks
Primary Care - 4 weeks
12 weeks of electives

As a bonus, I've included two more:


Years 3 & 4:

Family Medicine (6 weeks)
General Surgery/Specialty Surgery (12 weeks)
Medicine 1 (6 weeks)
Medicine 11 (6 weeks)
Neurology (4 weeks)
Obstetrics and Gynecology (6 weeks)
Pediatrics (6 weeks)
Psychiatry (6 weeks)
12 weeks of selective clerkships
16 weeks of electives

UC Davis:

Year 3:

surgery (8 weeks)
medicine (8 weeks)
OB/Gyn (8 weeks)
pediatrics (8 weeks)
psychiatry (8 weeks)
primary care (8 weeks)

Year 4:

32 weeks of Clinical Electives

I'm not sure what the difference is between selective clerkships and electives for USC. Also, it's surprising that UC Davis has so many elective weeks when it's known as a primary care machine. Post away everyone. I'm interested to know what the differences will be.


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  1. Pre-Veterinary

Years 3 :

Family Medicine (6 weeks) (Taken anywhere in the US)
General Surgery/Specialty Surgery (12 weeks) (Taken at County or associated hospitals)
Medicine 1 (6 weeks) (County, University (private) or Huntington (a private hospital in Pasadena))
Obstetrics and Gynecology (6 weeks) (Womans and Childrens Hospital)
Pediatrics (6 weeks) County or Childrens Hospital in Downtown Hollywood
Psychiatry (6 weeks) 7 locations across Los Angeles
Free block (6 weeks) (can take elective or selective)

Year 4

Medicine II (6 weeks)
Neurology (4 weeks)
12 weeks of selective clerkships
16 weeks of electives

The selectives are types of medicine that you have to take. So for 4 weeks, you have to take some sort of emergency medicine. Another 4 weeks, you have to take some form of specialized internal medicine. The other 4 weeks, you have to do some form of something (like 70 selections) So for my selectives, I'm doing ER at County (aught to be amazing), Dermatology or Radiology (depending on my board scores) and I forgot what I was going to do for the third one. That will prolly be late fourth year.
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