Postgraduate training in Scandinavia

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Aug 22, 2006
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Hello everyone!

I'm a med student from Lisbon, Portugal and I'm interested in following my postgrad clinical training in sweden or denmark.

Is there any other international student considering this? can u help me with the procedures' issue? are we supposed to contact the hospital we intend to go directly or should we adress some kind of national register first (and then they place the people where they are needed?)

any information will be highly appreciated (from nationals and other foreign grads who are/have been(are thinking of going through a similar postgrad practice
Thanks in advance =)


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Hello, I have friends that are currently working in Sweden. You have to apply for language courses over there, while making a volunteer work, for u to get better acknowledgement of the language and surroundings. Be aware that this is more difficult to do in bigger cities and univ. hospitals. For Denmark, visit:
or if you want a broad search through the scandinavian countries, visit:

hope this helps u!
hi there, i see ur from portugal. I am an img from Non- EU country and I'm interested in doing observerships /externship in lisbon, portugal for few months. Can u pls suggest me any hospitals or links,procedure regarding how to apply for observerships. does portugal welcome foreign imgs?? is french/portugese language necessary to be a observership at a hospital there?
ur help would be much appreaciated..
thnk uuu...