Do you think foreign trained dentist need a practce center for there clinical ex

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Aug 20, 2007
Hi every body.
I have started this thread because i am in the process of opening an simulation practice center where any body can come and practice for their exams. As i am also a foreign trained dentist and i know your frustations as i have gone through the same situation like you guys are going through right now.As from next year as NDEB has changed the rules so every body has to go through the Clinical skill assessment , and there are only two chances to clear that, if unfortunately any body miss that we are done. As i know we dont have any practice center where we can practice for that so i decided to start this project. It is a very huge project approximately 200,000. And we are going to start from 1st of June 2010, in the city of Surrey.I just want every body should atleast gave me there views. or suggestion.
we are also in the process of starting coruses so that i can help foreign trained dentist.
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Jan 26, 2010
what about student who do not live in that area??
i mean i live in new york is there any way to take course from you?
Jun 6, 2009
Hi Aman Kataria,

I live in surrey and have currently given NBDE Part 1 and scored pretty good.....I would but love to study here in Canada rather than going to US...but you know the very limited amount of spots here make it very difficult. So I didnt even try EE and I am waiting to get into some US school.

But I think this is a very great idea because we all need to do some practice here as you know there is a lot of difference in Indian practice and here. And this would be even great to practice for Bench Exams for US Schools. I support you in this project. This would be a great help.

So are you already done with your exams? or are you in a school? or are you practicing dentistry here?


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Oct 29, 2009
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hi guys...
i think its a gr8 idea... it'll be great for practising clinical skill.. im ftd from india nw in surrey... have given my part 1 n applied to u.s. schools... i need to pratice for my i.v. at colorado in may... was wondering if y cud suggest me where can i do that... in surrey if possible coz i need to practice 4 that b4 june... help appreciated