Pre-Clinical Curriculum & Pt. Contact


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Aug 14, 2004
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    Does anyone know which med schools integrate pt. contact in the preclinical curriculum. i can think of a few so far:

    1. Baylor- every other week
    2. Johns Hopkins- frequency??

    Can anyone add to this list?


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    Oct 19, 2003
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      UMich does. Patient presentations start immediately the first week. First-years also work with real and standardized patients to learn physical examination, etc.

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      Aug 8, 2004
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        I think most schools have standardized patients to do interviews, and phsyical exams on in the first two years. If they don't they should. At UCLA we also have preceptor visits about one a month, you do things like get the vitals, draw blood, give flu shoots, take a history, I even gave a rectal exam in the 4 month of first year (w/preceptor present). We also have several free clinics were you can volunteer in or do a selective at (required to do one selective in pre-clinical years) to get even more patient contact.
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        Aug 1, 2004
          U Colorado. You do 1/2 day a week clinics starting the first month of med school. Primary care (FP, IM, Peds, OB/Gyn) your first year and you can do specialties (I did cards, a friend is doing cardiothoracic surgery) after that. In addition, there is an extensive and very well-done curriculum teaching interview and physical exam skills as well as a clinical skills exam at the end of each year with two physical exam and two interview stations. I felt absolutely prepared my first day of my first third-year rotation in internal medicine.


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          Aug 24, 2003
            Jefferson has alot of patient contact if the student wants it, also there are special sessions set up to teach clinical skills and interviewing. Then after about a month of lecture the students begin seeing patients and interviewing them with the help of a preceptor.
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