Pre Dental: Researching or Volunteering & College Questions

Nov 29, 2014
I am an high school senior and currently a intern researcher at UTHSCSA Dental School. So should I spend my pre-freshman summer researching probably 8 weeks or racking up 730 volunteer hours? Does the Admission Committee care that I have no official "job/work" like as a Dental Assistant before dental school? What clubs/EC are great for PreDental beside the PreDental society, I am interested in Student Governemnt, Badminton Etc. ? Does major really matter (I am thinking about Biology) I dont want to sound cliche to adcom?

I am really interested in Finance (won state level accolades previous year)/CS (programming for 4 years won prizes at state level events) because I am good at both but I know Adcom looks at upper level sciences courses so I was not sure.

I understand they look at DAT and GPA and prereq GPA and ECs.
Aspired Dental school: UTHSCSA
Career: Orthodontics
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Nov 22, 2014
I would call around to some dental schools to see if they will accept your hours before the start of your college career. Most do not take anything from high school, but the summer leading up to your freshman year could maybe go either way.

Check with your intended college to see if they let non-science majors take the classes you will need for dental school. You could always minor in Finance or CS but generally it's just easier to major in a science so you can get the classes you need.

There is no "best" club or activity. Do what you like and like it was said above, be involved all through college. Having 2 or 3 activities you have done for 4 years, along with leadership roles will look much better than having 10 activities you did here and there.

Why are you listing pre-med as your status??