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Jan 3, 2013
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I was just informed today that my pre-health office won't send my LORs to the amcas. They told me they can only send complete letter packets. I am missing an 1 letter from another faculty that teaches Biology,math,phys,chem. But I have 3 other letters( 2 faculty and one MD letter) sent to them. Because reading their site nowhere did it say that they would only be able to send a complete letter, otherwise I would have just had evaluations sent directly to the amcas. I guess a rookie mistake, right? They told me if the evaluators don't have the letters anymore then they can just send the letters back to them. 2 of my evaluations was written almost 2 years ago and one was written about a month ago. But if they are going to send the letter's back to the evaluators , why not just forward them to the ACMAS?? Has anyone else ever gone through this before? Or can lend some advice?

BTW: After getting that email I just went on the amcas and created individual's letter request and reach out to the writers again. But hoping they can just send the letter directly themselves via mail or amcas letter writer
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