Feb 14, 2020
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Hi all, so I plan on applying this cycle, but I'm not sure about how some of the prerequisite stuff typically works. I took AP Chem and AP Bio, and they allowed me to skip general biology and chemistry classes. I understand that schools often do not take AP classes as prereqs (Makes sense, I took AP Chem in 2013), and I understand that it depends on the school, I'm just hoping to get a broad understanding of how it goes.

So onto specific questions:

I have taken P-Chem (A condensed one semester version of the two semester P-chem), would that count as a semester of general chemistry?

I have also taken various Chemical Engineering labs (Thermodynamics, chemical reaction engineering, heat and mass transfer) but have taken 0 Chemistry and Physics labs (With the exception of O-Chem). Would medical schools be willing to accept these labs in place of chemistry or physics labs?

There are also classes on my transcript that include 'lab' credits (I am taking an electrical engineering class with two lab credits, and the general chemistry class I am taking now has 2 lab credits), do medical schools count the 'lab credits' or just classes that are dedicated to labs?

Also, I am working on a research capstone project through the chemistry department that will have a letter grade for two credits, would that count for any of my chemistry labs?


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Oct 14, 2019
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Sorry, I can’t answer all of your questions, but I’ll try to answer the ones that I think I can:

1) For schools that strictly require gen chem credits and don’t count AP credit, I doubt that your P-chem will be accepted as a substitute. However, the vast majority of schools that I have seen aren’t super strict on the AP classes thing. Many don’t even have required pre-reqs, but of those that do, many will accept AP credit if you take higher-level courses in the same subject in college (which you did with P-chem).

2) Of those that require science labs as a pre-req, I don’t think many will accept engineering labs as a substitute.

3) Are you asking if your 2-credit chemistry lab will fulfill the “2 semester” lab requirement? If so, it will.

4) Not sure on this one.


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AP credit used for Medical School Applications

1) Some schools will allow some AP courses but not others

Example Weill Cornell Medical College http://weill.cornell.edu/education/admissions/app_req.html

Advanced Placement credit. AP credit from high school can be used to satisfy the WCMC requirement in physics. AP credit in other areas cannot be used to satisfy the WCMC requirement. If a student has AP credit in an area other than physics, the student fulfills the WCMC requirement by completing advanced science coursework.

2) Many schools will not accept them as full and complete fulfillment of prerequisites. Some do.

Example will NOT accept: Cooper Medical School of Rowan University http://www.rowan.edu/coopermed/students/admissions/prerequisites.php

No AP/IB credits may be used in place of an actual course, even if the undergraduate institution grants a credit for the AP coursework. Upper level coursework in the same subject area may replace the listed prerequisite. (Note: All science courses used to satisfy a prerequisite must include a laboratory component, so online coursework will not be acceptable to substitute for hands-on lab credit).

Example Will Accept AP: NYMC https://www.nymc.edu/Academics/SchoolOfMedicine/Admissions/PremedicalCourseworkRequirements.html

All courses offered in satisfaction of the premed requirements for admission must be taken at, or accepted as transfer credits by, an accredited college in the United States or Canada and must be acceptable to that institution toward a baccalaureate degree in arts or sciences. (This includes Advanced Placement courses taken in high school.)

3) Many schools will accept the fulfillment of the course (ie general bio, general chem) but not the credits as counting towards 2 years of Bio, 2 years of Chem and therefore require additional upper level coursework.

4) Many "recommend" additional course to be competitive

Example: SUNY Upstate (Frequently Asked Questions | College of Medicine | SUNY Upstate Medical University)

"Yes, as long as you were awarded college credit and the course(s) are listed on an official transcript from your primary undergraduate institution. The Admissions Committee recommends that you also complete advanced science coursework in order to be competitive for admission."

Example: SUNY Downstate Admissions Requirements

Do we accept AP credits for our prerequisites?

If your undergraduate college has awarded you AP credits and the credits are listed on your transcript, we will also accept your AP credits to fulfill our prerequisites if the course is listed by subject title on your final official college transcript. However, in order for the Admissions Committee to consider you to be competitive for admission, you should take advanced level science course work equivalent to the number of credit hours which have been accepted for AP prerequisites.
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