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May 5, 2017
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Hey Everyone,

Fairly new to the site, but I am in need of some guidance. I am currently an undergraduate student and I will be starting my senior year in the fall. I currently am working full-time in a Medical Records Department in a Children's Hospital. My undergrad Stats thus far:

cGPA: 2.97
sGPA: 3.00
MCAT: N/A (As I have not yet taken it)
Community Service: ~50hrs
Shadowing: None
Research: 2 Semesters
Leadership: - TA for Biochemistry
- Officer of a Medical Fraternity
- Founder, Vice President and now Student Advisor of a mentoring organization.

I only have three more semesters left before I graduate with my bachelors in Health Sciences. Obviously I am NOT ready to apply to Med School based off of my stats. This is due in part to familial commitments as well as maintaining a full-time position. There is NO way I can get my GPA from a 2.97 to a 3.5 or better within three semesters, but I want to know what are other alternatives I should do to help fix my suffering GPA. I have considered post-bacc, but I have not failed a class and in need to retake it at all. I have done extensive research on SMP's, Bridge Programs etc., and while they seem like an amazing opportunity for a second chance, I realize that they are risks in the event that I do not do well in them, etc.

I have set up a pretty detailed excel sheet of options for bridge programs I can apply to as well as med schools I am interested in applying to; however, the likelihood of achieving is slim due to my GPA. I just really need some guidance because I have the potential to graduate with a 3.00 or a 3.10 depending on how well these last three semesters go.

Thank you!
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Mar 12, 2015
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Being in your shoes not so long ago, I would say that with your GPA, you have no choice but to either do grade replacement, or a post-bacc/SMP. You'll of course need to take your MCAT either way, but even a high MCAT won't save your GPA. If you choose to go the post-bacc/SMP route, then you really need to make it your life. As a post-bacc/SMP student, you should be studying MORE than medical students at your school even if you have less classes/material. Why? Because you have something to prove, they do not - they're already in.


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Jul 17, 2016
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Forget about the SMPs for now. Graduate. Take a break. Start studying for the mcat like it's your full-time job. Ideally for 3-6 months. If you score above 500, apply to all SMP related to DO schools (especially VCOM/LECOM/LMU). You will have to shadow as well. Once you get in one...you will have to study more than others as this will be your only route/chance to get into medical school. Good luck!