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Oct 15, 2012
Hey guys I am a former paramedic who posted a couple years ago and while I was pre med I kept talking to the doctors that I would be in contact with through work and when I told them that I was pre med I would get a lot of don't do it responses that I would be better off as a NP or PA and I listened to them. I got spooked and entered a Nursing Program with an Accelerated BSN. I will graduate the nursing portion this coming April and because I already have so many credits I will be able to finish the BSN portion over the summer. The problem is I have truly come to hate what I am doing. I quit my job as a paramedic and went to work in the hospital as a Aid. From my observations I know I will only be able to do floor nursing for 2 or 3 years tops and I will be bored with it. I jump at the chance to help residents with procedures and stuff on my floor and I find that infinitely more exciting than anything I have done in nursing. Now I understand that I can do nurse practitioner after the fact but I don't want my scope to be limited based off of were I live and I'm also concerned about missing something because I don't have the same amount of education ( I am aware that everyone makes mistakes including physicians ). When those physicians who told me not to go into medicine were talking to me one of their reasons was because NP/PA would be shorter and cheaper however with the nursing powers that be wanting NP's to be doctorate trained it is turning into 3 and 1/2 to 4 year programs and depending on the school the tuition is higher than some med schools so now if its going to take me 4 years anyway whats another 3 years of residency on top of that. I was just wondering if I could get the perspective of some other people who were in similar situations and choose either MD/DO or NP/PA what was your deciding factor. At the rate I am going I am going to graduate Nursing School with Honors and I think with the experience of being a Paramedic for 6 Years and then a RN for 2 at minimum if I got into med school by the time I'm 29 which would be my goal, I feel like I would make an excellent physician and I don't mean that to be arrogant. However I am just scared of having a boat load of regret whichever route I take but so far I wish I had just finished my pre med and applied to medical school a couple years ago as I could be starting now while I am still in my mid 20's. Any advice is appreciated though I would like to keep it constructive and objective not bashing either profession.