Mar 2, 2010
Hey Everybody,

I am an older returning student with a BA and a Masters. I went back to take my science pre-reqs for dental school. I have none from previous collegiate work. I will apply next summer. However, I wont have my physics courses done until next summer terms (2 back to back in the summer) then biochemistry in the fall of next year.

I want to apply next June 2011. Take the DAT June 2011. Then complete the Physics that summer iof 2011 then the biochem in the fall 2011. I will have all other pre-reqs done and 3 other bio classes cell bio, physiology and immunology when I submit my applications in June 2011.

Will the late completion of biochem hurt me? Will they discard my app for being incomplete?


5+ Year Member
May 18, 2009
When I applied last July, I only had Ochem I, Bio I and II, and Physics I and II. As long as you take your prereqs before you enroll in 2011, you have nothing to worry about. I'm currently taking Anatomy and Biochem before I go to dental school in the fall.

Good luck to you.