Pre-School vs. Med School Admissions

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by BobbyDylanFan, Nov 15, 2002.

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    Check out today's issue of The Wall Street Journal: on the front page their is an article about how Jack Grubman tried to get his twin children into pre-school by using connections. The hilarious part of the article comes when they start describing the cost of "elite" pre-schools and the application process. Here are some tid-bits: Some people hire consultants to advise on the application process, for as much as $4,000. A full day program costs $14,400 /year (more than most state med schools!). Parents usually apply to around 10 schools for their children at an average cost of $50 (sound a little familier?). "It may literally be harder to get into Harvard than into the Y's preschool. The Y enrolls 65 of its 300 applicants, or 21.7%. Harvard accepted 2,066 of 19,609 applicants to the class of 2006, or 10.5%-BUT anyone can apply and you don't need to call Harvard on the day after Labor Day to secure an application."

    Bottom line: Med school admissions may have some competition from the pre-school on the lookout!!:laugh: :laugh:
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    i love it! it's so sad, though.... poor little kiddies. not that i'm not going to be all psycho-obsessive when i'm a parent, but i still think that people worry too much. it's just pre-school! (p.s. I really hope I don't get flamed on that statement...)

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