Predicted MCAT Score vs. Actual MCAT Score

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Aug 1, 2009
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Hey everyone,

I just finished taking the MCAT on 8/14, and was unsure of some of the questions when I came out.

My question for everyone who has already taken the MCAT and gotten their scores is how well did you predict that you did on each of the sections after the exam, and what was your actual score?

Ex. PS (Prediction: 11, Actual: 12) VR (Prediction: 10, Actual: 10) W (Prediction: Q, Actual: R) BS (Prediction: 12, Actual 10)

If you do not feel comfortable sharing the actual score, you can just mention the difference between your actual score and your predicted score.

Ex. using the above predictions and actual: PS (+1) VR (0) W (+1) BS (-1)

Thank you for your input!