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Oct 24, 2010
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I prefer Fridays because it gives you a chance to take care of things prior to the weekend and you can always push things off from earlier in the week.
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I should have elaborated on 'suboptimal'. I don't like Mondays because you will check in with the patient who's feeling good after the weekend break then inevitably have to see them again on Wed/Thu when they're feeling lousy. I was thinking that Fridays might be similar - you would need extra mid-week visits for patients who aren't doing well and can't wait until the end of the week for a management visit. Not to mention the person who rolls in for their OTV at 4:45 on a Friday with a swollen leg or neutropenic fever or something like that -- always harder to manage since 90% of clinical staff is gone for the weekend. I am happy to see patients whenever they need it but want to set up my service to be as efficient as possible and not waste visits.


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Nov 8, 2005
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It's all subjective, but my preferences:
Clinic days for new patients on Monday (so you can simulate the same week and possibly start treatment early the following week)
OTVs mid week - so if you miss a patient (say the clinic staff forget to room them or the patient no shows) you can still see them the following day
Clinic day at the end of the week - so if you get a referral mid week you can still get the patient in a timely fashion and keep your referring MDs happy


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Dec 22, 2010
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If you see a lot of complex cases, Fri is the best. You spot a lot of unstable patients who would've crashed during weekend.


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Mar 20, 2013
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I prefer Thursday, but there is rationale for all days and I agree it's subjective. I think you should chose whichever day you prefer and fits with your clinic schedule.

I find that Fri afternoon med onc/infusion centers can be sparsely staffed, so if a patient is borderline between admission or just needs labs/fluids, then Thurs afternoon is more amenable to checking labs and getting them fluids rather than Fri afternoon. In addition, if you miss them on Thurs you can see them on Fri.
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