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Mista Suprane

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Jan 27, 2006
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ranking UAB anesthesiology pretty high; most likely gonna end up scrambling for a surgical prelim in birmingham.

what have people heard about baptist and carraway for prelim surgery? which one is least malignant? avg workweek, non general surgery elective time, number of call months, call frequency, etc? hard to find stuff in this forum and on scutwork.

even if you only know a little, help me out if you can. thanks.


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May 2, 2001
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I'm actually faculty for the baptist medical center (BMC)program and all the interns (usually 5-6 b/w prelims and catagorical) spend a month on my service. I also staff a number of cases from the chief resident's clinic so I know the guys (no women presently) real well. By no stretch of the imagination as compared to my experience would I consider the BMC malignant. Call averages Q3 to Q4, with the occasional Q2. The prelims are treated identical to the categorical residents in terms of rotations, call schedule, & operative experience. It is a very good experience for getting you ready for your anesthesia residency without the brow-beating & intimidation of some university prelim postions. As I understand it UAB is even talking about trying to send some of their categorical surgery residents to work with the general & vascular surgeons at the BMC programs due to a lack of experience with some of those areas. There is a lot of espirt d' corp (? sp) among the various residency specialties I think (IM, rads, path surgery, & transitional).

Carraway is always tetering on the brink of closing all their training programs. It was recently bought by a group of physician investors. As residency programs are drags on the bottom line, I do not expect them to continue those programs (which is sad as they formerly had a very good surgery program a few years ago)
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