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Premed and MCAT Resource Review: the MCAT BROS are terrible!


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Apr 28, 2017
In case you aren't aware, the MCAT BROS run one of the largest pre-med Facebook groups, and thus is a good conglomeration of resources (being able to talk to other pre-meds, access files people post rapidly, etc). However, today I want to speak out against the MCAT BROS as a company, and how you should not give them money. There are much better resources out there than them.

For one, their actual services are mediocre. Their scheduling that they charge over $200 for is often unrealistic and doesn't take into account a person's personal life at all. It is also apparent that they have a generic template that they use for everyone, with maybe an occasional small touch-up..."completely personalized" my ass. I compared my schedule with another user's, and they were basically identical. I am in my gap year working full-time, while the person I compared to was a Junior still in university taking lots of upper level science classes...in what universe would it make sense for both of us to have an almost identical schedule? Clearly very lazy with little thought put into it.

For their personal statement services, this puts it best: "a lot of their critiques fall into a cookie-cutter approach that was pushing my story into something it wasn’t, rather than the reviewer being intent on helping me strengthen the communication of my statement in a way that still honored my motivations. In my experience, some of the communication with the reviewer was also on the vague/critical/condescending side without giving tangible suggestions on how to improve, and, when I expressed my concerns on the above a bit later, I did not receive a response from the original reviewer but this reviewer continued to post on this Facebook page." This was my case, as the edits I received on my personal statement were extremely cookie cutter. Included in the edits were also obvious copy and pasted generic advice, as they are shilling a new "book" that they wrote. They want your PS to fit a specific "mold", and if you deviate from that, they will criticize you!

Now, my most egregious complaint about the MCAT Bros is their complete lack of professionalism or respect. My first example is when an individual in their facebook group complained about their PS service in a respectful way. Their response was to POST her personal statement and the edits that were made, and also post an interaction she had with the editor, all to just defend themselves! Here's a screenshot of this. Complete lack of respect for this individual's privacy, it's clear she did not consent to having this information shared given her comment at the end.
Next, MCAT BROS are rife with scandals. The main "MCAT BRO" is an individual named Rajat Goyal, and he has the tendency to leave extremely condescending remarks to posts that he disagrees with.
And then just today, the "CHAT" group of MCAT BROS (which was made for everything off-topic) announced that they would no longer tolerate any discussion of racial disparities or the BLM movement occurring, despite the very obvious role it plays in healthcare and the obvious role it pertains to black pre-med students. Naturally, many people criticized the decision of not allowing discussion of this, and they were banned and condescended upon by Raj and the MCAT BROS. Not only were they banned for disagreeing on a rule change, they were also banned from the "main" MCAT help group (meaning they were locked out of resources and discussions with other pre-meds), not just a ban from the off-topic "CHAT" group. .

Here is more examples of just general un-professional behavior by MCAT BROS
Raj's decisions and unprofessional attitude even led to a fellow administrator for the group deciding to step down:
Overall, it is extremely apparent that MCAT BROS not only are extremely unprofessional and unpleasant people to work with, but the quality of their actual "help" is very mediocre as well. My recommendation is to continue using free resources like Reddit and SDN, however should you feel the need to pay money for a more "professional" edit, MCAT BROS is not the person you should give your money too.
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Dec 5, 2017
  1. Pre-Medical
Damn bro, they hit a nerve with you.

His 300 page doc for P/S is pure gold, but I knew they were sketchy when they were charging more for used MCAT books than new ones from the actual company.

MCATKings got banned and every post he ever made was taken down, so he must have done something pretty awful here at SDN. I don't see paying $300 for a schedule. You need to have goals and targets of what to finish, but a schedule is crazy because you will have ups and downs as you study and need to adapt as you go.


Wow! Thought I was the only one who felt this way lol. The guy who runs it is def condescending. I had my personal statement reviewed by him and he marked the whole thing up with rude and condescending comments. I sent the same personal statement to medschoolinsiders and they offered great feedback which was actually helpful. Def avoid them.
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