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Apr 19, 2002
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I'm sending most of my schools a packet of letters, without a composite letter.


the premed committee hasn't been able to meet for 6 months, and wont be able to meet for @ least another 1.5 months. I feel that the timing of the committee meeting would kill me...I already have all my LORs in and ready to be sent in a packet..

Will this hurt me very badly?
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Apr 27, 2002
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I have a similar school wont send out a composite letter until i have an MCAT score bc they require me to have a minumum score. And there is no guarantee i even get that score so why should i bother to wait 2 months? I'm sending a packet also. I Think some schools ask u write a statement as to why u arent using their service tho. I guess is looks bad if u have it but dont use it. My other issue is that i dont have any letters from liberal arts professors. I've been doin post bacc and am now in grad school so all i have the last 2 yrs is science. Oh well i hope they can understand.


you might want to consider saying that you will update with it - if they know your school uses the letter, and you aren't using the service, it raises eye brows. just a thought -


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Apr 23, 2002
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My school does offer a committee letter and I opted not to use it for numerous reasons. I don't think that it is wise to send everything in together. For security reasons, LORs are never supposed to touch an applicants hands. I gave my professors stamped addressed envelopes and that is how I circumvented the whole committee package. This did not affect me at all, in fact many of my interviewers got to know specific things about me and I received interviews at all the schools I applied to.
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