Premed courses at CC after completing my B.S. degree

Aug 10, 2013
Good afternoon everyone,

so I am currently in my 3rd year of Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at a community college (university collaborative program, so I will be earning an university degree upon graduation). And I will be completing my degree in next December (2014) because I am fast-tracking. So I am planning to start preparing MCAT from scratch on my own, write it in August 2014 and apply for medical schools upon graduation (because I was told to write MCAT before 2015). However, as I am aware that a lot of Canadian medical schools require prerequisite courses, to increase my chances of getting accepted, I am willing to go back to school to take those UG courses after I finish my nursing degree. And my question is whether it would be a better idea to take those prerequisite courses at a bigger university (like University of Calgary or University of Alberta) or just at a community college that offers a premed program. Because I am not planning to transfer to an university to finish my second UG degree if I choose CC, I am concerned that this will be an issue. I know this particular matter has been addressed quite a bit here and I have read most of them, but I believe that everyone's situation can be unique so I would appreciate if you consider my own unique situation here. So again, I will be completing an university-collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at a community college and taking premed courses at the same college following the completion of BScN degree (I am anticipating it will take about a year, so total 5 years of UG studies). And because I am fast-tracking, I will have a 6-month gap (1 semester, 2015 winter term) between the time I graduate from BScN program and re-enroll in school to take premed courses, I am not sure if this will also be an issue. Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Merry Christmas, everyone!
Are you going to work as a nurse at all (during the time you take those prereqs perhaps)?

People here might preach to you that adcoms will look down on you for "stealing a seat" from other future nurses… I think this is true if you decide not to work as a nurse at all. And if you are planning on working a little while taking classes, give yourself time to adjust bc it can be an overwhelming and exhausting (but extremely valuable imo) experience.