Premed V-Day Love

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Nov 30, 2004
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There are those who love sex- and so do we. And there are those who love kissing- and so do we. But at the end of the day we haven't found our love because our mistress Organic Chemistry who keeps us tied up(want to talk sex toys? she has more mechanisms than you can imagine...)

So I raise my goblet(little jon style) to my fellow premeds who remain silent and steady in their pursuit of the ultimate prize: Lady Knowledge! HERE HERE! We are not the ugly but the busy. We are not the stupid many but the proud few. We are....we are....awwww **** it i need a BJ(bannana Juice...sdn policy to clarify)....gonna call up that shady girl from the party who gave me her number.... :laugh: :laugh:


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Nov 19, 2004
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It's a little known fact that Valentine's Day and Saint Patrick's Day are closely related holidays. For starters, both days are named after saints. Both holidays, depending on your longitude in the northern hemisphere, can be considered to occur in the spring. Both are named using the word "day", instead of having a unique name like Ramahanakwanzmas.

Most importantly, if you are actually celebrating Valentine's Day with someone you love, it's only a matter of time before your emotional state will be such that you will be in desperate need of a holiday which will let you get drunk on green beer, puke your guts out, and wake up with a hangover.

You make much more efficient use of your time if you completely avoid February 14th and skip ahead to Saint Patrick's Day. :idea: