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Nov 18, 2008
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Hi, I am a new member @ SDN.

I am currently in my final year of high school and plan to take pre-med in university.

I found the following prep. books for the MCAT and would like some help from the members on here whether I should or should not purchase the following and why.

I'll be taken the MCAT probably in my sophomore/junior year.


This package includes.

2005 Kaplan: Physical Sciences -Review notes- 415 pages of Review material and corresponding questions. Biological Sciences Review notes 520 pages of extensive review material and corresponding questions. MCAT Lesson Book - 500 pages covering all subjects and high yield questions on actual test. Covers test material, practice questions and explanation extensively Verbal Reasoning Strategy and Practice- 10 full verbal reasoning tests with explanations. Writing sample explanation and strategy, excellent model to follow on test day. High-Yield Problem Solving Guide - 247 pages with very thorough explanations and diagrams. 5 Quick Sheets containing all formulas and major concepts needed for the MCAT available for quick reference. Extremely helpful in solidifying concepts in mind. Also contains hundreds of cue cards on all highly tested subject areas.

2002 Exam crackers: 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning - Contains explanations for all answers. Very challenging excellent practice for test day as contains similar tricky questions to watch out for on test day.

2005 Prep Seminars: 412 pages of Biology prep questions and practice questions 173 pages of Chemistry prep which includes several questions testing your knowledge of that material 194 pages of Organic chemistry prep which includes tons of questions making sure you understand the material. 513 pages of extensive Physics prep which includes tons of questions making sure you understand the material.

Actual AMA MCAT practice tests: 10 full MCAT practice tests off the AMA website. Contains full answers explanations for all tests. Excellent practice for the real thing.

This person is asking for $250 I might be able to go lower.

Does the subject matter change drastically over the years or should I wait til next year to start deciding which guides I should get or not? Thanks!


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Sep 26, 2007
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The materials listed in your post come from the Kaplan course. Reselling of those materials is prohibited, and a violation of the sellers end user agreement with Kaplan.

SDN does not allow discussion concerning the selling or purchasing of illegal materials.

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