Prep materials for Step 3?


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Apr 25, 2019
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    I highly recommended purchasing the CCS case stimulator at It's $70 and gives you 101 timed and graded high yield cases. You can even try two cases for free before committing to buying it to see how you like it. The formatting is identical to the cases on Step 3 and a great way to get comfortable with the CCS portion. I just took the CCS portion of Step 3 on Monday and I was relatively comfortable with all the cases I got thanks to this resource. These cases are not perfect, though. The actual exam is kind of glitchy and delayed so you can't place as many orders as quickly as you can on the CCS case simulator. Regardless, I think it was 100% worth the investment. Of note, the bad part about the CCS UWorld cases is that UWorld does not give you an actual score/percent correct but the CCS simulator from does.

    Good luck!

    - Annette G, MD, MPH - USMLE Tutor and Residency Advisor at Med School Tutors
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