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Dec 22, 2001
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hello everyone, I just finished up the Vr + PS sections of a 'corporate' practice test and have realized how many of the questions are more difficult(esp in PS)..many more conceptually challenging questions than the official aamc. So much so, that I would say these 'more difficult' tests aren't the greatest means of test prep... my scores in each section dropped two pts each ! I am not even going to bother with the bio section.. Whats the point of taking a more difficult test??? Isn't the point of preparation to acclimate yourself to test day condtitions? Why should you get into the habit of thinking harder through questions when the actual MCAT doesn't require this much brain teasing?? it seems inevitable that you will end up spending more time on simple questions-just out of habit. THus, I hereby recommend that everyone shred there corporate tests and stick with only aamc 1-6.. You will have an accurate gauge of your progress and preparation will be worthwhile, simulating test day.

my 2c.


well, i took PR A-D and go my butt kicked on them (especially D) as a disgrace and totally lowered my confidence...

but, i did go back and look through my mistakes and learned some new just take the corporate tests as practice to learn new concepts/review harder concepts and don't worry too much about the score i guess...
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