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Preparation for Med School.


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Apr 24, 2002
    Hello All,

    I'm beginning medical school in August and am curious to know what resources you recommend I have with me. Are there books (e.g., medical dictionary, drug index, etc.) that you wish you'd have with you when you started but didn't? Are there other things (e.g., a stethoscope, scrubs) that I should plan to bring along? Finally, what tools (e.g., books, pocket indices, etc.) do you think you couldn't do without while in med school?

    Thank you,

    "Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"


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    Jun 15, 2000
      It's best to wait to get everything until you get to school. Particularly the tools; oftentimes there will be specials on steths, as well as people there to tell you what sort you need...

      If you're really chomping at the bit, you'll absolutely need a dictionary. Stedmans is my preference. And you'll need a Netter Anatomy Atlas.



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      Dec 22, 2001
      the tardis
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        Hi PPMD,

        You've helped me out before with your great advice and I am happy to say that I will attending UIC this fall. I don't know which campus yet though.

        I would really love to get in the chicago campus - who do I beg to? I already live here and I DON'T want to move.

        any thoughts?
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        Oct 16, 2001
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          Some schools put out a book survey that lists what books people actually used. Usually, of the dozen or so books offered for each class, there are a few that are all you really need. You might want to try to find that before you buy anything.

          If you wanna buy something, buy some scrubs, and wear them out. Cause chicks definitely dig scrubs.

          med student

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          Nov 7, 2001
          New York
            •••quote:•••Originally posted by grasshopper:
            •ABout how much will the stethescope that I'll be buying for med school cost, just out of curiousity?•••••Take your time and don't buy a stethoscope right away. Wait and see what kind your profs like and also what the upperclassman like. Many people buy one the first week when it is not really necessary. How much it will cost depends there are some very good stethoscopes for $50 (littman 2) and there are also some scopes that are $150. The difference is not that much so find your classmates who rushed out to buy one and use theirs and see what you like.
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