Preparing myself to be competitive for top research track IM residencies

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Dec 10, 2015
Hi guys,

I am an MD/PhD student at a mid-tier medical school, and am a year out from finishing my PhD and returning to medical school for my rotations. My PhD is in cancer treatment, and I am planning on applying to research track residency programs in Heme/Onc. Most of the big labs in my field are at top institutions, including MSKCC, DFCI, etc, and I would very much like to work at one of these labs for my research years. I wanted to get advice to see how competitive I am for these institutions at this point in time. Could I get any pointers on things I should do to make myself more competitive? For my stats at this point in time, here they are:

Step 1:
248 (I am C/O of 2024, so I'm not sure how this will factor in to my application given transition to P/F...)

Roughly average year 1, I think top quartile year 2 (have to confirm this with my dean)

1) Peer-reviewed papers: 7 (3 first author bench research articles in impact factor 7~11 journals, 1 first author review, 3 co-author; I will have 1 more first author research article for my dissertation project which I am aiming to have published in an IF 15-20+ journal, and will likely have ~2 more co-author papers from my lab)
2) Posters/Abstracts: 14 (4 first author)
3) Oral presentations: 5
4) Ad hoc reviewer: 3 journals

I have not done my rotations so I cannot comment on my scores on Step 2 or clerkships. Thus I also do not know whether I will AOA or not at this point in time. Thanks so much in advance, any advice is appreciated as I am having difficulty learning about these programs...
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