Prepharmacy at UBC Okanagan or Vancouver Island (Rural)

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Mar 1, 2013
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Hey so I applied for UBC Okanagan Premed because I thought it would give me higher chances of getting into UBC vancouver for the Pharmacy program.
However I was told recently that it would be better to graduate through where I live now, Courtenay in Vancouver Island which is a rural town and they want rural towns since they have alot of city pharmacists and a rural student has a better chance of being a pharmacist in rural areas. People from rural areas are a 'commodity'.
However I am told it is easy to transfer from UBC Okanagan to UBC Vancouver as it is the same people that run it so I should do that.

So what do you think? Undergraduate through North Island College (rural) or Prepharmacy through UBC Okanagan?

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