Aug 8, 2013
Pharmacy Student
I'm currently studying for the NYS compounding exam scheduled for this week.

I have a question about an IV scenario: If I calculate that I need 12 mL of SWFI as my diluent, for example, but the "pharmacy" only provides 10 mL bottles of SWFI, what is the corrent aseptic technique to remove the additional 12 mL of SWFI?

Should I remove 10 mL of SWFI from bottle #1, inject into vial containing drug powder, then remove 2 mL of SWFI from bottle #2 with a new syringe, and inject the 2 mL into the vial containing the drug and 10 mL of SWFI?

Or can I draw 10 mL of SWFI from bottle #1 and use the same syringe to draw 2 mL of SWFI from bottle #2 for a total of 12 mL in one syringe?

Thanks in advance.