Prerequisite question: are upper level division biology and/ or chemistry courses necessary ?


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Feb 2, 2018
    I understand that most medical schools ask for at least a year of chemistry and biology, and I'm currently doing post-bacc. When I register for biology related course, can I go for the upper level ones? For example, at my school we have a lower level genetics and a upper level genetics course, I'm wondering if they make a difference during the application process? Would it help if I go with the upper-leveled one?
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  • Nov 18, 2017
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      Might be a good idea to get a solid background in general biology 1/2, general chem 1/2, general phys 1/2. Two reasons why I think you should tackle these first
      1. many med schools state specifically that gen bio gen chem gen phys must be taken. they are requisite courses for admission
      2. gives you a foundation in the basic sciences, and builds up confidence going into higher level courses
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      Jul 2, 2019
      1. Pre-Medical
        You don't technically need sciences courses beyond the prereqs for medical schools and your major, but if you like upper level courses and have the time then go for it! If you have a good foundation in genetics/bio/etc. then taking the upper level over the lower level will likely be viewed favorably.
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