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Mar 6, 2003
  1. Medical Student
    Hey all. First time poster, long time reader. I am preparing for PA school but had a question about prerequisites. What is the reason most schools require you to be done with your prerequisite courses the December (or thereabouts) before you begin PA school? Why not just be done before the PA program starts? Thanks for the help. I've got a ton of other questions.


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    Feb 22, 2002
      I think you have to be done by Dec because many PA programs begin in May...not much time to prepare if you are finishing up spring classes.
      I think some schools will work with you if you have one class left and everything else is in. I, however, plan to be done by Dec...kind of a crunch (have to take some summer classes+pissed+ ) but atleast I'll have some time off before I start (I'm keepin' my hopes up:D ).
      Good luck to you!
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