Nov 13, 2010
Hello all!
I am a third year at UCLA and am currently in quite the dilemma. I went in for a lab position just yesterday to begin undergraduate research, but once the interviewer found out I was a pre-vet and was going to work for UCLA's Division of Lab Animal Medicine she said she'd hire me as the primary animal health care provider (care for their mouse colonies, ensure that their transgenic mice are truly chimeric, ordering, etc.) for their lab. I was offered both positions, but was not sure which position to take. Which would be more appealing when vet schools are looking at my resume: getting my name on a paper as a lab contributor or an animal care provider? I'd appreciate any input any of you can give me. Thanks!


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Jan 7, 2010
I do both! I care for the mouse colony in my lab, I do the ordering, and I do my own research. I already have one paper (3rd or 4th author) and hopefully soon-to-be first author second paper.
I'd say if you had to chose between the two, pick the research position. You'll still end up working with the mice in research but it'll be a lot more interesting and papers are an awesome resume booster. Its hard for me to break the two positions apart. I take care of all the wild-type mice and a few strains everyone uses as well as my own strains that I use. Other members of the lab care for their own mouse lines. But in research you'll likely do your own surguries/dissections, and likely you'll have more exposure to the science behind the medicine, which I think is the most interesting part.
Good luck!


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Sep 27, 2010
I have an undergraduate assistantship in a parasitology lab doing research and I love it. It is a challenge and I am absolutely learning a ton about parasites and marsupials (that is the host I work with). I will have a paper ready by April that I will be first author on so that will be totally exciting!!