Primary Care Physicians vs NP's

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    As a prospective DO student and family practitioner, I can't help but to realize that Nurse Practitioners could possibly overtake primary health care. Makes me wonder if we will even need primary care physician in the future? Check the article found on this site and tell me what you all think.
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    stated on the linked site:

    The Office of Technology Assessment, in a widely cited 1986 report, said NPs are "especially valuable in improving access to primary care and supplementary care in rural areas and in health programs for the poor, minorities and people without health insurance."

    Some 60% to 80% of primary and preventive care traditionally done by doctors can be done by a nurse for less money. This is not to say nurses work cheaper, but their cost-effectiveness reflects a variety of factors related to the employment setting, liability insurance, and the cost of education

    As these statements indicate, nurse practioners typically thrive in facets that physicians normally avoid or are in a defiencency. Also 60-80% leaves an incredible amount left over that somebody has to do.

    Also, note that all the salary dates, where from 1992. So, I wouldn't worry about this old news.

    Keep in mind, that primary care is a field ripe for the pickings by almost any health care professional. This is mostly due to a poor allocation of physician, leaving a large segment of the populace underserved. Basically, it is typical that somebody would be necessary to fill this void. Especially, since the health of the people is of higher importance than any of our social well being. The absolute worse you could expect is to make only a mere $120K a year. Horrible huh? [​IMG]

    Anyway nurses have their own shortage to worry about. How could a profession in a shortage adversely affect another profession in a shortage. Although I'm just speculating, it just doesn't pan out.

    I say, unless your an anesthesiologist, it is not worth worrying about.

    By the way, despite this professional rivalry FP's salaries have in fact seen slight increases as of late.

    Don't worry about it

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