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Princeton Review Audition


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Aug 22, 2005
    according to craigslist:

    2. Sign up for an audition! You must come in and give a 5-minute presentation on something NONACADEMIC. If you try to teach us anything math or grammar-related, you will be cut immediately. We want you to take this opportunity to dazzle us with your ability to inspire and entertain! One guy once showed us how to stick something in his nose and pull it out of his mouth. Those are the kinds of auditions we want to see! The criteria we will use when assessing your audition is twofold: did you command the room, and did we take anything away from your lesson? So, keep it short and sweet, but make it count!

    Why is TPR advertising on craigslist? I don't know, I thought people mostly used it to avoid pimps and get no-strings attached sex.

    Elsewhere, TPR wrote: 2. Come in for an audition. You will need to teach a 5-minute lesson on the non-academic subject of your choice (e.g. How to pitch a tent). (EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!)


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    Mar 1, 2005
    1. Medical Student
      NCF145 said:
      Besides "how to make a ceaser salad," does anyone have any good suggestions on what I should do for my audition?



      give a 5 min presentation on how to give a 5 min presentation... :smuggrin: kaplan thought it was good enough...
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      Nov 14, 2005
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        What I did for my audition... it is sure-fire, and will amuse them.
        What to wear on the first date.

        Works PERFECTLY. :)

        all you have to do is get past the initial panel (and they just want to make sure you're not a psycho), and you're in.

        enjoy teaching ;) I taught a ton of bio classes... haha

        if you have any questions about my experience, ask away!
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