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Oct 12, 2006
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Not to beat a dead horse, as I have tried exhaustively searching through the forums, but I want to get a more up to date opinion from current studiers...I know these tests are labeled as being harder than the real thing, and I have just finished taking the PS part of CBT 3 (I guess its their 3rd diagnostic) and have mixed feelings. I scored a 10--a few stupid mistakes, but this has been by far my best PR performance which is getting me kind of flustered because I definitely got lucky on some guesses and I think I really lucked out. I have a friend who gave me access to their account to take these tests so Ive only recently started taking sections of the full lengths and I have found them to be way harder than Kaplan or AAMC....It's like Kaplan difficulty but with the AAMC curve, and I don't know how to tell where I am right now. I've pretty much been scoring 10s on AAMC, but I recently picked it up to the 11-12 range, and I have scored 11-12s on Kaplan. My 3 PS sections for Princeton are as follows:

diag 1: 8
diag 2: 6 (i made like a dozen stupid errors and didnt really have my head in it)
diag 3: 10

Im taking the test next month and am aiming for 35+...Im doing well in biology (12-14) and pretty much standard 10-11 in VR...The PS is really going to be the thing that makes or breaks me.

Somebody gimme a dose of reality please. Thanks



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Jun 27, 2007
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Don't focus on trying to justify your scores. All too often do people disregard their scores when they forget that one of the reasons you take practice tests is to find your weaknesses BEFORE you take the MCAT. You made some mistakes and scored badly, but this is a good thing. Go back over the PS and thoroughly analyze what's going on. For instance, check for content weaknesses. Chances are good that you have them and you may not know what they are. Use your practice tests to find these problem areas and eliminate them. Again, don't get into the mindset of, "well TPR is harder than the actual MCAT." You have weaknesses, find them, and fix them. Furthermore, when you're focusing on PS, make sure you maintain what you're doing for BS and VR. Lastly, don't panic. You have time to improve and now you'll be able to find exactly what areas are getting you. Since your other sections are solid, the problem is probably content and not test taking skills. Content weaknesses are much easier to fix than improving one's test taking skills.
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