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Oct 5, 2008
Hey all,

Just wondering if anybody is signed up for Princeton Review UNC CHAPEL HILL CLASS

University of North Carolina, Phillips Hall (106 E Cameron Ave, Chapel Hill) Course 80510000601/14-04/27Su-M-W-SaMay 2009$1899

I'm pretty sure I'm signing up for this and am hoping to get a study group together that can meet as much as everyday. :) (seriously)

Background on me, I live in Raleigh, but commute to RTP for full-time employment. My idea is (after work ~4pm )get together with some other princeton reviewers and study any of the three sections...but most especially the verbal reasoning.

A few background info. Took the MCAT twice (2007 and 2008 both CBT). Physical and Biological sciences (10,10 and 11,11) Verbal killed me, 5,6.

---So far I've been in contact with another MCAT studyer (Chad) and we'll be meeting every saturday morning.
---So that leaves, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Yes even Friday!!

Please PM me if you are interested!! Thanks!!

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