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Princeton Review


New Member
10+ Year Member
Dec 28, 2006
  1. Pre-Dental
Hi everybody. Long time reader, first time poster here. I am preparing for my first DAT and was wondering if anybody has studied by using the princeton review MCAT material? I have all this material at hand, as I was initially a premed until I saw the light! I noticed the Princeton Review is much more thorough than the Kaplan. I know a lot of the material is the same, with exceptions, but the test style is different. Am I setting myself up for disaster by studying this way? I am also supplementing my studying with the Topscore CD.

Also, years ago I remember predents would study MCAT to take DAT, is this an abandoned practice? Thanks for your responses.
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Full Member
10+ Year Member
Nov 5, 2006
  1. Dental Student
Using Princeton Review materials to review the information is fine. MCAT books generally do go into a little more detail than the Kaplan DAT book and the extra background info will certainly help you remember important facts.
My advice is to have a DAT review book on hand as well because there are certain topics on the DAT that are not really covered and/or emphasized on the MCAT - Some examples that stick out in my mind are photosynthesis, plants, other organisms (ie amphibians, annelids, arthropods).
My other piece of advice is to make sure you have ample DAT practice questions to study from, preferably computerized to get you into the feel of the computerized test.
Good luck!
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