Oct 6, 2014
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Anesthesia Consultants of Erie is looking to hire a new anesthesiologist starting next summer. One of our guys is retiring at the end of 2015 and we want to get somebody fully up to speed before he leaves.

Erie, PA is a great community with a low cost of living, good schools and every outdoor activity you could imagine during all four seasons of the year. It is centrally located between Buffalo, Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

Ideally we would like to hire a new graduate since most of our group is 50+ years old and we need some fresh ideas and new energy! ACE is a very stable group with 10 partners that average 15 years with the group. We also employ two anesthesiologists that staff two ambulatory surgery centers.

We do all types of cases including cardiothoracic (including TAVRs), major vascular, neuro, OB, ortho, bariatrics, robotic surgery and healthy kids. The only cases we don't do are trauma and transplant. TEE experience is required but fellowship is not. We don't do much regional but are always looking to try new things and expand our group's capabilities.

There is a mixture of ACT model and personally performing cases. Call is Q8 and from home with post-call day off.

I am in the process of posting the job on Gas Work. However, in the meantime, if you are interested please send me a PM for an email address to send a CV to.

EDIT: Gaswork ad can be seen here: http://gaswork.com/post/168748

Jeff Spires, DO
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