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"probable acceptance" at military medical school (USUHS)?


Full Member
15+ Year Member
Jan 22, 2002
  1. Attending Physician
Although this doesn't apply to me right now I am curious about the existence of their own post bacc program at USUHS. My good friend on last year was offered to be enrolled in this program (*after an interview*) and by maintaining a B average he would be accepted at the school. How many students are enrolled in this program and do they go to same class with other usuhs students? Do these students pay or get paid? How many students out of original number of students are successful in getting into the USUHS at the completion of the program?

From a curous MS II


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15+ Year Member
Sep 17, 2002
Omaha, NE
  1. Resident [Any Field]
I interviewed at USUHS and was waitlisted. After my waitlist notification, I inquired about the post bacc program. The students do get paid, although their active duty rank is E-5 vs O-1. They will be promoted to O-1 if they successfully complete the program and continue on as a MSI. From what Dean Stavish told me, you cannot directly apply to this program. The admissions process occurs and is initiated by the school. I only know of one student who did this. I think that he is in his third year at USUHS now. I hope this sheds some light... I apologize for the vague answer. Maybe someone else can add to what I know. I will say that the admissions office staff at USUHS are extremely helpful. You should just contact them and inquire about the specifics.


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15+ Year Member
Sep 20, 2002

I'm an MS1 at USUHS. This probably doesn't help much, but we have 2 students in our class this year who were post-bacc students last year (there were only 2 of them in their class, so success rate was 100%). We also have 2 current post-bac students. They take almost every class with us - I think the only one they've skipped out on so far was biochem. One of the students who was in the post-bacc program last year got A's and they're letting him T.A. this year - which is pretty cool (he's really smart). Hope that helps! and hope to see you at USUHS next year!


Senior Member
15+ Year Member
Sep 26, 2002
  1. Attending Physician
The program has only been around for a few years and from what I can remember only 1 has not been allowed to start MS1. I will say, beside the post-bacc from my class who's now a T.A for the MS1 class, I have not been impressed with these students. Because they take a lighter load during post-bacc they tend to suffer when they hit the full load of classes as an MS1.
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