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Problem related to IM fellowship application


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Apr 4, 2007
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  1. Attending Physician
well I'm a pgy-2 who is currently applying for a pulmonary & critical care fellowship and I have worked in pulmonology before in an european country and while on that job my attending asked me to write two chapters for a book being published in another country from where we are originally from and he said I will be the second author and I did them and he submitted them and it was published.I did not get to see the book and I again asked him the details of the book last month and he gave me all the details and I put the same under peer reviewed chapters in textbook, under publications in ERAS and have applied to around 30 programs.

Today I get an email from him saying that he is extremely sorry but that he had been to that above said country and had actually looked at the book and that they have forgotten to add my name.....now I tried to change my application but eras said they can't do it,now I feel awful and don't want to go to any interviews and I definitely want to tell them during interview but would it look like I cheated to get the interview??? Please someone suggest a way out of this and any advice will be much appreciated and thanks for your time.

There are some others who might chime in on this, but in general I wouldn't be too worried. Chapter publications reflect your expertise on a topic and won't be a substantial part of how your application was reviewed - esp. second authored ones. At the time of interview, if it comes up or you feel a need to bring it up, just discuss your interest/knowledge of the topics of the chapters and tell the story you described here. I don't this will cause much problem. We'll see what others say.


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Aug 22, 2003
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If what you're saying is true, then explaining it would look very suspicious and not mentioning it would not be dishonest in the context of what has happened. If this book is not available in this country, there is no way for them to verify the publication either. If you are asked about the chapters, you would be able to readily discuss them as you are very well versed in the material.

My question is, how is it that your name was "forgotten?" This seems like a rather large mistake. Is there an upcoming edition that would mention that you were omitted in the first one? If it comes up at an interview that your name is not listed among the authors, you could explain the situation and give the author's contact information to confirm that you actually wrote the chapters.