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Aug 29, 2000
Programs to avoid in NYS:
U of Buffalo- small and discombobulated
Albany - financial and staffing disarray at this time, may change
St. Vincent's Staten Island - just plain bad
Nassau University - financial woes
Harlem Hospital - just plain bad
Maimonides - too small (2 per year)
Long Island College Hospital - small (2 per year)
Metropolitan Hospital (small and unheard of)

Programs that fair better:
Rochester General
All SUNY's with maybe Stony Brook the best all around
St. Vincent's Manhattan
Westchester Med Center
Long Island Jewish
NSUH at Manhasset
St. Luke's/Roosevelt
Beth Israel
Mt. Sinai

Strongest Programs in NY:
Strong Memorial in Rochester

These are my opinions. If you have a problem, tough. ;)
I'm sure I missed a couple but they are probably not the top ones anyhow.
BTW, I did not match in NY.
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